This is Cora. Cora is a friend of a mines baby sister.

While she looks completely normal and adorable in this picture, something is wrong with her.

She has a birth defect known as cloacal anomaly. With this defect, her bladder, bowels, and uterus would all be connected inside her little body. She also would have no vaginal opening and have an imperforated anus.

(For Full Story, Click Here)

Now they’re asking for 150,000 to get Cora the surgery she needs.

I know its not cancer, but without the surgery, children for Cora is not going to happen, her bladder will be deformed and have problems, ans she does not have a proper anus. And as of right now she has urine in her uterus.


Her kidneys do not function well because of her condition and she will not have the quality of life most of us enjoy without these surgeries

So please, Tumblr I’m asking you guys to get them the extra 120,000 dollars that they need!

Even if you cannot donate, please reblog and visit the site daily, because the more visits she gets the closer to the front page of gofundme she gets. I know theres more important things out there, but please please please donate you guys!

Thank you for reading



My favorite unis beside Cheer Athletics Wildcats black unis


World Cup Shooting Stars’ Kelsey Rule double double (x)


The perfect ending to an unforgettable season with an amazing group of girls. Winning the Majors and being a Silver Worlds medalist are just a few of my favorite memories from this year. And what better way to end it than with a ring😉💍

caskett12 said: I made my first ever online purchase today. Online shopping will be my weakness

I love online shopping. How’s your new job?



My hair today for choreography :)




fuck regular q-tips i need some masculinity-tips 

what… do you build.. with a qtip…

an empire







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